Meet the FFF Farmers

fff_logoWe’ve now made it easier for you to support the FFF farmers. Use the dropdown menu below to find information on all farmers the foundation has funded recently.  In each section you’ll find the names and locations of the farms, along with links to their websites where you can learn much more, like how and where to buy their products. We encourage you to seek out these farmers and support them throughout the year. It’s a win-win situation.

Bob’s Fresh and Local
Elmhurst, IL

Project: New planting and weeding equipment to accommodate sales for CSA shares and an on-farm store.

Butternut Sustainable Farms
Sturgis, MI

Project: A new hoop house for additional space to grow heirloom and cherry tomatoes, two of the farm’s most important and profitable crops.

Endless Greens
Evanston, IL

Project: Installation of solar panels to power and heat an urban farm, with the goal of going off the power grid completely and making Endless Greens a truly sustainable farm.

Dorothy’s Grange
Blanchardville, WI
Project: Restoration of a dilapidated hog barn, which will help the piglet survival rate and expand the availability of  endangered Large Black hogs and Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs.

Faith’s Farm
Bonfield, IL

Project: Portable housing for rabbits that live and forage naturally on pasture.

Frillman Farms
Prairie View, IL

Project: Construction of  a modest washhouse for vegetable preparation and packaging.

Gravel Road Farm
Waupauca, WI

Project:  Construction of a new packing shed, where all produce will be cleaned, packed, and stored, and where  washing equipment, coolers and CSA boxes will kept.

Gretta’s Goats
Pecatonia, IL

Project: A mobile goat milking parlor to aid this micro dairy in  producing farmstead cheese and other dairy products from sustainably raised goats.

Heartland Meats
Mendota, IL

Project: Equipment to make beef stock from bones and end-of-day produce from farmers’ market vendors.

Mint Creek
Stelle, IL

Project: Chicken housing for winter and a new egg washing machine capable of washing 1000 eggs in an hour, rather than the 120 eggs per hour done by hand. Together, the projects are expected to enable the expansion of the farm’s flock of laying hens from 750 to 5000 birds.

Midnight Sun Farm
Harvard, IL

Project: Purchase of specialized farm equipment — seeder, transplanter and irrigation tools — that will help the farm make the leap from managing four acres of vegetable production to managing 20 acres.

Kinnikinnick Farm
Caledonia, IL

Project: Purchasing a manure spreader for better on-farm nutrient recycling and improved feed quality.

Olden Produce
Ripon, WI

Project: Building a new cold storage, indoor loading and processing shed and retrofitting two greenhouses with solar heat storage.

Sin Fronteras
Minneapolis, MN

Project: Renovating a trailer for on-farm refrigeration, upgrading transportation and purchasing landscape fabric and low tunnels.

Terripin Farms
Fowler, IL

Project: Construction of two high tunnels for the early production of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and carrots, and winter production of leafy greens, brassicas, and root crops.

Trogg’s Hollow
Poplar Grove, IL

Project: Construction of a high tunnel on the southern edge of our grape arbor and goat paddock that will allow for both season extension and early growing of certain crops — and to help support the farm’s CSA and market farm business

Turnip Rock
Clear Lake, WI

Project: Construction of an addition the farm’s existing bedding pack barn, allowing the farm to increase cow carrying capacity, cow comfort, and cleanliness.

The Urban Canopy
Chicago, IL

Project:  Purchase of compost and topsoil that will double the urban farm’s growing capacity, increasing access to greens, vegetable, winter storage crops and other fresh produce.

AR Lowlines Grassfed
Waynesville, IL

Project: Automated system to move grain from mill to sifter, new surge bin and gravity table

Hazzard Free Farm Grains & Beans
Pecatonica, IL

Project: Increase quality and efficiency with the installation of larger scale handling and cleaning equipment.


Nami Moon Farms
Custer, WI

Project: Purchasing equipment needed to produce, store and grind feed components for fresher, more nutrient-dense feed for our animals.

Nordic Creamery
Westby, WI

Project: Construction of a new goat shed.

Stoney Acres Farm
Athens, WI

Project: Purchase of a vacuum seeder to improve efficiency, lower cost of production, and improving capacity for winter vegetable access in Central Wisconsin, with specific focus on rural grocery and winter farmers market and farm-to-school sales

The Wright Way Farm
Beloit, WI

Project: Purchase of a vegetable transplanter.

Gretta’s Goats
Pecatonica, IL

Project: Establishing a microdairy capable of producing farmstead cheese and other dairy products from sustainably raised goats.

Tomato Mountain Farm
Brooklyn, WI

Project: Purchase of a less damaging tiller.

The documents below provides an overview of how the grant money raised by the foundation has been distributed. Since its inception in 2003, the Foundation has awarded about $2 million in grant money to Midwest family farms, the vast majority of which are still thriving. That’s an amazing statistic and one that demonstrates the impact that your generosity has made on small scale farms in the Midwest.




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