notes from the mexican kitchen

It’s Christmas at Frontera!

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BUTTERNUT SQUASH BOCOLES Crispy fresh corn masa bocoles (infused with butternut) filled with maneados, smoked chicken, salsa negra, crema, and queso de bola cheese
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CHEF'S CHOICE ENCHILADAS Chipotle-black bean sauce, three-chile salsa, homemade crema, añejo cheese, white onions, cilantro leaves.
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BEET, ANCHO & APPLE 3 WAYS Roasted beet and grilled apple salad, local goat cheese, ancho chile dressing, ancho-pecan crunch, limey "compressed" apples, apple chips, Bayless garden greens
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SKATE WING MILANESA Crunchy-coated New England skate wing, red chile mayo, pickled onions, ensaladita (Savoy cabbage, tomato, cilantro). Garlicky black beans

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SOPE de FRUTAS Guava sorbet, holiday fruit (fresh guava, apple ates, tequila soaked raisins), sparkling ponche "broth."
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DUCK IN MOLE DE XICO Grilled duck breast, fruity-nutty Xico-style mole, plantain chochoyotes (dumplings), smoky green beans
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SEASONAL GUACAMOLE Mashed Michoacan avocados, bacon, smoky morita chile, pomegranate, cilantro, añejo cheese.

An extra dessert here, a Champagne toast there. The holiday spirit is in abundance at Frontera.

And it is pure magic.

Our chef team has added quite a few new seasonal dishes to spread the cheer. Check them out above.

Or, way better, make a reservation and spend a little bit of your holidays with us.


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