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Mexican “Crudite” Platter with Chamoy Dipping Sauce

Botana de Verduras y Frutas Crudas con Chamoy
Recipe from Season 6, Mexico—One Plate at a Time
Servings: 10


  • Dipping Sauce
  • 2/3cup apricot spread (not jam)
  • 1/3cup Tamazula (or other Mexican) hot sauce
  • 3tablespoons fresh lime juice
  • Vegetables and Fruit
  • 1poundjicama sticks (I get these from the salad bar at my grocery store)
  • 1pound cucumber rounds (from the salad bar, too)
  • 1pound radishes, cut in half
  • A generouspound (usually 2) peeled and cored pineapple (these are available in most well-stocked grocery stores in the produce section)
  • 4 limes, cut into wedges
  • Chile Garnish
  • 1teaspoon powdered hot chile (I like guajillo or ancho, because it's not as hot as cayenne or arbol)
  • 1teaspoon salt (regular table salt mixes in better than coarse salt)


Scrape the apricot spread into a food processor and add the hot sauce and lime. Process until blended and smooth. Scrape into a small serving bowl.

Set the dipping sauce in the middle of a large round platter. Stand the pineapple on a cutting board and cut it into quarters. Cut the quarters crosswise into 1/2-inch slices. Arrange the pineapple, jicama, cucumber and radishes into quadrants around the dipping sauce, filling the space between each one with lime wedges.

Mix together the powdered chile and salt. Sprinkle it over the fruits and vegetables (it's easiest to sprinkle evenly if you put the mixture in a small shaker). You're ready to serve.

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