Signature Cascabel Margarita

Margarita del Cascabel
Rick Bayless and Bar Manager/Mixologist Jordan Johnston developed this margarita to grab the audience’s attention as they enter the theater.  The addition of a citrus bitters and the unique cascabel chile salt sets this cocktail apart from the more traditional margarita.
Servings: 1Margarita


  • 1 1/2ounces silver tequila (we like Cazadores Plata)
  • 1/2ounce orange curacao
  • 2ounces limonada*
  • 3drops orange or grapefruit bitters (favorites include Bitter Truth and Bitter Cube)
  • Cascabel salt for rim**


*Mix together 5 ounces of lime juice, 3 ounces of sugar and 10 ounces of water. This will make more than you need for one margarita, but it can be your base.

**Spread several cascabel chiles on a baking sheet. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes. Let chiles cool, pull out stems and seeds, place chiles in a blender. Pulverize. Mix equal parts pulverized chile and coarse kosher salt.

Pour all contents into margarita shaker, fill with ice, shake vigorously for 15 seconds, strain into Cascabel salt-rimmed glass filled with fresh ice. Garnish with a wedge of lime.


    1. Hello Linda –
      Unfortunately we do not publish all recipes from the TV show (just most of them!) That was a recipe from Mixoligist Joseph Mortera and was not published from Season 10. But I do think that testing cocktail recipes can be quite fun! Good luck experimenting!

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