Season 10 Recipes: Chef to Chef


  1. I recently watched Mexico: one plate at a time with Rick Bayless and the episode name was A Seafood Dream originally aired on 1/10/2015. In the episode he goes to a local’s home where she prepares a casserole of pork and rice. I would love to get the recipe. Is that a possibility?
    thank you

  2. What is the recipe for your key lime marinade for the grilled cabrito in Season 10: Episode 5 (Wine Country)? I cannot seem to find it.

    All the best,


    1. Hello Michael,
      Unfortunately we do not publish all of the recipes from the TV show and for this episode the cabrito was not published. I do have my notes from our cooking that day that I have pasted below. They are just ingredients. In Rick’s cookbook, Mexican Everyday, there is a similar marinade (without the chiles). That would be a great place to start in terms of measurements, but you would need 3-4 batches for a whole cabrito.

      Red Chile, Lime, and Garlic Marinade:
      Lime juice
      Olive oil
      Mexican oregano
      1 head roasted garlic
      Black pepper
      Optional: red chiles (catarina was used on the show)

  3. It is nice to see a real chef actually taking the time to travel to the places where the recipes originated and learn from those chefs how to produce an authentic meal/dish.

    I don’t have as much time as I would like to watch the show however, when I do have time, I really enjoy watching and learning those recipes Chef Rick Bayless presents.

    Congratulations on an awesome show. Keep the good work up.

    Thank you Rick and thank you PBS.

  4. I am looking for a recipe that recently aired on Mexico: One Plate at a Time for slow cooker boneless short rib tacos. You prepared this in your kitchen with your daughter. It may have been for tacos de suardero. In the same episode, you Lso made homemade corn tortillas. It looked amazing!! Thank you.

  5. I lost a show from season 10 I was saving for a recipe. Hope you can help. It was peppers that were marinated and saved in the fridge for a variety of recipes.

  6. I just watched an episode of your show that included pork loin in a tomatillo sauce. I can’t find in in the list of recipes from your 10th season. Could you provide it? Thanks.

  7. Might be a long shot, but any chance of getting the recipe for the ‘blond’ mole from episode 10 in season 10 that chef Pablo Salas made? Or even the list of ingredients so I can experiment on my own?

    1. I am so sorry Kyle, we did not get recipes for those – but the meal was incredible. I encourage you to check out Amaranta – it was amazing!

  8. Any suggestions on a tortilla press? Maker or model, online store. I would like to purchase one but want to get one that will get the job done and last .

  9. I worked in Mexico in the late 70`s to early 80`s. I had a smoked pig dish called chamarro. Hope that is spelled right it looked like a smoked Boston butt. Anyone heard of it? Best smoked meat I ever had.

  10. I was wondering if there was any way to watch the episodes again from this year? I love Rick’s recipes but also like the other chef’s recipes and there was one in particular that aired over the last month, but unsure of which one it was. There was a very decadent one that was called a volcano… appetizer?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Amy Bielawski

    1. Hello Amy –
      I believe you are talking about Episode 8 “How to Feed a City” where Sud 777 Chef Edgar Nuñez cooks seafood tostadas out of his food trucks with Rick. The DVDs will be available in approximately 8 weeks. If you join our mailing list (bottom right of the page) you will get an emailw hen DVD sales start. In the meantime, we have short clips on our youtube channel below.

  11. I recently had a wonderful cilantro lime creamy salad dressing in Pismo, Ca. I would like to have a recipe for this if available. I enjoy you show and learn a lot, thank you

    1. Hello Greg-
      We do have recipes for lime cilantro dressing in 2 of our cookbooks! There is one version in Authentic Mexican and another in Mexican Everyday. Hope that this is helpful!

  12. My husband loves Rick’s program and he enjoys cooking. I would like to get him a slow cooker and blender. Can you tell me what brand RIck was using on the season ten episode where he made the lamb barbacoa? Thank you.

    1. Hello Cher!
      Rick’s blender of choice is always a Vitamix. For the TV show Rick used two different slow cookers, One being an All-Clad and another being TRU, both had removable stovetop-safe inserts. Enjoy making the barbacoa!

  13. I saw an episode last night, I believe Season 10, Episode 8, where Rick made a red chipotle chile sauce that he then put shrimp and octopus in. Is the sauce recipe posted anywhere? I don’t care about the seafood part but would definitely love that sauce to try out!

    1. Hello Seejay –
      I think that you are referring to a recipe that Chef Edgar Nunez cooked with Rick in his food truck. Unfortunately we do not have and did not publish this recipe. Below is a link to a similar version of this sauce – slightly more simplified. Our version also does not include the addition of cheese – so in order to emulate Edgar’s version, you would want to add a chihuahua or monterey jack cheese. Hope that this helps!

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